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Slack wax


Slack wax is petroleum product; the raw material of paraffin wax, Slack wax is a mixture of oil and wax in yellow or brown color, processed by pressing to decrease the oil content and discoloring by special powders after heating to produce paraffin wax. Slack wax verifies from light to heavy grades based on its melting point and contains variable amount of oil from 5 to 30 percent. Since slack wax's color is lighter than other oil, it is considered an important raw material in production process of paraffin. Slack wax also plays a crucial role in industries such as leather, textile, match, fiber board and chip board where coating, hydrophobing and impregnation is needed.




Paraffin wax

Paraffin wax, a white or colourless soft solid that is used as a lubricant and for other applications; Liquid paraffin (drug), a very highly refined mineral oil used in cosmetics and for medical purposes; Alkane, a saturated hydrocarbon; Kerosene, a fuel that is also known as paraffin. Praffin wax produced in differnt following grades and oil contents as below: Fully refined paraffin wax 0.75% oil content Semi refined paraffin wax 1-1.5% oil content Semi refined paraffin wax 1-3% oil content Semi refined paraffin wax 3-5% oil content Semi refined paraffin wax 5-7% oil content





Analysis of semi refined paraffin wax 5-7% oil content




Oil content

ASTM D-721

6 %

Melting point

ASTM D87-09

62 C


ASTM D-1500



ASTM D 93-13

300 C

SP.gr @ 25 C

ASTM D-190

0.82 gr/cm








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