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Alef Project

A marketing plan in the Middle East.

18 December , 2019
Our Philosophy

East and West (EW) is a network of solid relations based on honesty, knowledge, respect and mutual interest. EW is seeking to establish new opportunities through a networking system and sophisticated database worldwide for an optimal life. Paying precise attention to trading, productions, and investments for developing our relations and expanding our tools has extreme ...

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Global Network

Access a world wide network of clients and customers.
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More than just investment !
Asset 1
Facilitate your financial relations with various services.
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The goal is long-term and lasting cooperation, not just a simple sale.
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Its our business to know your business .
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You have a network of awareness.
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A never ending story.
Asset 11
Pick the stars beneath the earth.
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Be smart Be clean
Asset 9
A chain of petroleum chemical derived product that expand every day .
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Food is life Life is health.
Copper Cathode
Metal & Mineral , New Product ,
5 ORES non-ferrous
Metal & Mineral , New Product ,
Copper Tube
Metal & Mineral , New Product ,
EW Inside
Alef Project
18 December 2019

A marketing plan in the middle east Alef Project is one of the strategies implemented by EW’s sales & marketing approach designed in the Greater Middle East, drawing on the ...