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East and west (EW) is a network of solid relations based on honesty, knowledge, respect and mutual interest. EW is seeking to establish new opportunities through a networking system and sophisticated databases worldwide for an optimal life. Paying precise attention to trading, productions, and investments for developing our relations and expanding our tools has extreme value for us. In today’s modern world, our network snowball is filled with new opportunities. We tend to add them to our network which is invaluable for all EW’s members.

Our main task is promoting small to medium enterprises. Therefore, we tend to enhance our network capability with our knowledge and experience in the industry along with science and human resources. Here, the focus is not only based on supply and demand, but also on long term cooperation, participation, and support. Material, energy, oil, gas, petrochemical, mines, construction and industrial projects are at the core of our current territory of activities.

EW monitors the market, then detects and analyzes all the essential information to reach its goals. Processing with such accuracy has gathered this precious network. We will help you to increase your revenue by marketing, investing and other forms of partnership. In this regard, our offices, in Shanghai, China and Hamburg, Germany (East & West), play an effective and impressive role. These offices are wisely chosen in the world’s biggest seaport and financial center and Europe’s greatest industrial center, to be able to make the best effort and accelerate the process as much as possible.

ultimately, all our loyal customers from small to medium enterprises will pass a secure passage to make a profit of this network.

EW is proud to present its preparedness to be the leverage you wish.

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